Wood Fired Cooking

Traditional Napoli style wood-fired oven
Traditional Napoli style wood-fired oven

Wood-fired cooking is the oldest method of cooking and is still used worldwide. It is environmentally friendly as it consumes a renewable resource for its fuel source. We burn peach and cherry woods that we source from an orchard in Palisade, Colorado. Our Forno Bravo wood-burning oven is designed in the traditional Napoli style – which just so happens to be the birthplace of the pizza!

Much aligned to the brewing process, the ingredients for pizza dough are simple: flour, water, yeast and salt. The key to building great dough for crust, akin to a great beer, is in the process – the way each ingredient is added to another and control of the environment in which these ingredients are mixed and stored.

The total time to stretch, assemble and bake a wood-fired pizza is approximately four minutes. Our pizzas bake to perfection in 90 seconds in our wood-fired oven heated to 700 degrees.

We complement our wood-fired cuisine with fresh, wholesome salads, and we source local, organic ingredients whenever feasible. Several of our menu items feature our handcrafted beer as an ingredient, and everything pairs deliciously with at least one of our beers!