Lots has happened in the last few weeks. More plumbing, more electrical, throw in some mechanical/ HVAC, and the most visible – painting! We’ll be pouring more concrete next week, finishing up painting and more of the rest.

Outside of the construction, we received approval from City Council for our brewpub liquor license (still awaiting news from the state) and we think we received approval from the federal TTB for the right to brew but haven’t been able to locate the approval documents they refer to in their email, so we aren’t marking that one off our list just yet.

Other news: winter returned to Steamboat this week. We all knew it would. The mountain is completely refreshed with several new blankets of snow, and the emerging daffodils and tulips are safely covered again. We still have three full weeks of ski season left! May as well keep the snow coming!

chalking out tables      color!